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Giving Thanks!

It's hard to believe we're only a couple of weeks into this crazy adventure. In this short time (that seems a whole lot longer!), we have had some amazing ups and some nauseating downs.

Since posting on a couple of Clawson Facebook pages at the beginning of last week, we have had over 6,000 people visit our webpage, 1,750 people fill out our survey and have had countless positive feedback via Facebook/email/IG.

As we sit here and reflect on this time, we just want to give a quick and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone for their overwhelming support. In tackling something like this, there are people, challenges, and overall days that constantly shout "quit now", "you can't do this", "90% of restaurants fail". When we are faced with these notions, it has been a HUGE help to go back and read through your comments and feedback.

We are doing this, we are making this dream a reality and bringing something amazing to Clawson - with your help. Not just the survey, but with your overwhelming support.

Thank you so much. We hope that you have an amazing holiday with your family and friends.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Tyler & Andrea



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