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Love makes you do crazy things

Updated: Jan 6

Love makes you do crazy things, irrational, and sometimes mindless things...usually these things are for a woman. This time they are WITH a woman, FOR a town.

We love Clawson. I'm a 3rd generation Clawsonite (lol - Clawsoner?). We live on Hendrickson in the house my grandfather built in the 1950s. My dad, aunts, and uncles grew up in that house and I spent much of my childhood there.

As a town, we have a lot of love for our community - that's something that makes Clawson so special. Our community is at a turning point, with many tenants/spaces in our downtown in transition. When we heard that the key focal point of our town - 14 & Main was losing Black Lotus (one of OUR hangouts) we were understandably concerned. We first thought "I hope someone brings a fun concept to our town - not another pizza place, HVAC shop, diner, etc." It then quickly turned into "Why don't WE do this? Why don't WE open a concept that WE want? Let's build something for this town that brings everyone together." So... that's what we did.

My wife and I are a team, we attack things together. Once we made the decision, we wasted no time. That night, we contacted the Landlord, started to build our business plan, designed a layout, and made a 200+ item to-do list!

As you can imagine, there was stiff competition for the space. The landlord had more than 7 offers within a week of Black Lotus closing. How were we going to convince the landlord that we were the right option, not only for their building (they need to make money too!), but for the city of Clawson? Luckily they (I'll leave them anonymous for now) were not a large real estate conglomerate, that only cares about their bottom line. They saw our passion and our vision. They are excited to eat/drink at Pumachug!

We are going to do this... and this is not going to be easy. We will be updating everyone on the progress here weekly. We'll share the challenges, successes, and failures we encounter along the way. Please join us and get involved in bringing an awesome new concept to our town.

We look forward to serving you soon.

- Tyler

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